Hi. I'm Erica.


People ask me how I went from a theatre degree to a career in the tech world, astonished that such a leap could be made. While they are seemingly unrelated, they are actually quite aligned.


Acting requires empathy. Embodying a character on stage is to climb inside the character and understand what motivates them. Once that is known, we can begin to empathize with the choices the character makes.


It is the same with Experience Design. Understanding the user or the audience requires an empathetic approach to the context in which they live and a non-judgemental understanding of their life's circumstances. Only then, can we appropriately incite change.

"All of us are smarter than any of us."


I am an insightful, collaborative leader who seeks to understand the context of user needs to construct experiences and reimagine business. I focus on human-centered processes that enable the ideation around and the delivery of differentiating experiential outcomes.  


I am responsible for the having of good times, enabling the vision for the silver lining, and cheering on the team. 


In the earliest days, I worked to create an internet presence for WebMD, Home Depot, Century 21, Chick-fil-A, and have worked with federal agencies, healthcare companies, and ambitious startups. Most recently, I have worked with the railroad, a beverage company, an audio solutions company, and a global shipping logistics company.


I have recruited for & led highly-skilled teams, designed & implemented applications for start-ups, managed software development efforts for multi-million dollar engagements, evaluated and redesigned enterprise-level processes, pitched new business, estimate work efforts, written proposals, and conducted ideation workshops across the country.


I got here through being extremely resourceful, paying close attention to people, and making the right choices (which I didn't know were right at the time)!


I enjoy working with diverse teams of intelligent, empathetic people who want to drive change and improve experiences. I strategize with business stakeholders, understanding pain points, and apply the methods of Design Thinking to generate creative, viable solutions. I value a culture that fosters creative exploration and experimentation.


Mostly, I am an imaginative troubleshooter, an engineer of context, a MacGyver of situations, circumstances, and processes. I helpfully provide that part of the experience that needs that extra carefully-crafted insight.


And I love to make people laugh.

Oh! And did I mention I dabble in photography?

United Colors of Tomato Salad
ATL Skyline
Clay Installation
School of Gold
I Want In
Clown Around Town
Do the Hustle
Krog Street Blues
Foggy Morn
Seeing Red
Wasted Color
Cyclone Timbers
'66 Ford Mustang
Squawk Attack