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"I use not only all the brains I have, but all I can borrow."

- Woodrow Wilson


Whether designing a product, experience, strategy, or complex system, I am devoted to creating exceptional experiences with talented, insightful people. I am passionate about nurturing and inspiring creative organizations.


Engagement Strategy Work alongside stakeholders to determine the best path forward to realize the solution

User Research Design qualitative research that serves to understand the human and the challenges they encounter

Design Sprints Facilitate rapid innovation to determine the viability, feasibility, and desirability of a product or service

Design Thinking Lead efforts to envision the ideal product or service experience or business solution

Contextual Analysis Understand the the end user and the context in which the "designed artifact" will live

"Deep Dive" Interviewing Learn from users about desired interactions with the existing or to-be-designed artifact

Concepting Synthesizing and brainstorm (diverging and converging) around what what solutions could be

User Engagement Gather reactions and feedback on the designed artifact from end users



We must understand the constraints to begin to design the solution. The constraints are the challenges that make pursuing the solution worth our time. 


Most importantly, we must understand the human perspective in order to re-imagine the experience, and generate approaches to a complex problem.


I work to uncover and assemble the challenges. I design a human-centered approach to empathize with the user to discover the challenges they experience.


With the challenges now in focus, we can collaboratively brainstorm around a solution. Inciting change is usually improvisational and requires creative approaches to ensure we are balancing the challenges, the users' needs, and the constraints of the design.


Inciting change allows us to converge around a design that has addressed tradeoffs, undergone design iterations, and been field tested with users.


Embodying the design means making it real. Making it an experience. Building it. Settling into it. Living with it. Using it. Benefitting from it. It is the first plateau, but it can't be the last. The artifact, be it a process, a service, an application, a physical product, must continue to evolve in order to be sustainable. 


Our work continues even after launch, to ensure that the business needs and the users' needs are met, and that the impact continues. This requires that we continue to incite change by gathering feedback and evolving the artifact so that it continues to be relevant and inspire.



Let's incite change together.

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