"People don't buy what you do.

They buy why you do it."

- Simon Sinek


"I have always been intrigued by the power of brainstorming but at the same time never felt like I’d participated in one that was managed properly.  Thanks to Erica and her Design Thinking process I, for once, felt the power of collective creativity.  In a single afternoon we were able to cull a complex list of initiatives and walk away with an actionable list of priorities.  I accredit our ability to identify and execute on the strategic initiatives to Erica and the Design Thinking process." - Nathan H. Jones, Director of Sales, Diversified

"Erica has taken our small, grassroots non-profit to the next level. After digging deep into our organizational needs through research and individual interviews, Erica guided us through to not only the solutions that would move us forward but the steps necessary for each of us to take to get there. Problem recognition and solving at its best – using the resources we already had but were unable to tap into on our own. We will be using the exercises and processes in our business for years to come." - Jennifer Rhett, Executive Director, REAP

"Through a systemic review of our clients, users, and stakeholders, Erica helped to synthesize the intent of our product as viewed from these diverse perspectives. Equipped with this deeper understanding of our application, Erica & her team helped us dramatically refactor the user experience, leveraging intuitive, easy-to-follow elements that help patients and their families better understand their surgical journey. Erica & her team brought further enhancements to improve the ease with which provider staff could assess patients' progress and in turn, more efficiently keep them on track and their practices running more nimbly. Deliverables produced from this immensely valuable engagement have fit right into our roadmap and our development sprints. - Philip Matkovsky, former CIO, ViiMed